Property Repairs

D J Property Repairs will take on all sorts of property management and repairs.

Pointing repairs and re-pointing is a job that should be done by professionals and we are up there with the best in Wigan.

Repointing is the process of renewing mortar joints in masonry – usually bricks.

Over time, weathering and decay causes holes to appear in the joints between bricks allowing water to penetrate. Water entering through the holes can cause significant damage to the structure. As the water freezes and then thaws in cycles it further damages the masonry.

We also fit, replace and repair fascias and Soffits to keep your house looking in tip top condition. Broken fascias and plastic around the home can allow water to enter the home or office and cause much more damage than you would think.

We also install Skylights and have an emergency call out service for if you need instant help.

Contact us to arrange for us to come and give you a free quote ad advise.